Video Editing

Burham Springs – Part of my Master’s degree thesis exam

This is an animation I made as a part of my Master’s thesis. The thesis was an analysis of the entire Fallout series. A part of it was an analysis of an unpublished game in the series – Fallout Van Buren, the original Fallout 3 as designed by Black Isle Studios. I chose this location because it seemed the most “Fallout – like” in that, I needed to create something that would capture the universal feel of the whole game world. I am really proud of this project.

A big thank you to Bethesda for their generous policy regarding non-commercial use of game assets and storyline elements of the Fallout Franchise (and others.)


The 3D models were rendered into a .PNG sequence in Autodesk 3DS Max using the Mental Ray renderer. After that the sequences were assembled in After Effects. Then additional editing on seperate scenes was also done in After Effects. Next, the whole video was assembled in Adobe Premier. After that I used After Effects again to create the “old movie” filter. The last stage was to prepare the soundtrack. Sound was prepared and edited in Adobe Audition. The music itself was recorded using the Reaper DAW. The clean recording was then modified to sound like a sound recording from the 1930’s being played “as-is” in the modern day.


1960’s Parlor Guitar -> Shure SM57 -> Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 -> Reaper

There are 2 seperately recorded audio tracks in stereo panned left and right and mixed at slightly different volumes with the right one being a bit more audible. Reverb was used to create the feeling of a more open sound, coming from a natural space.



This was done during my college video editing classes. The assignment was to create a movie trailer out of an existing movie in a way that completely changes the plot and meaning of the movie. The idea was to reverse the plot and to make it look like Maverick loses Goose at the very beginning of the movie. The whole movie is then supposed to be about Maverick looking for a new friend and finding that in Iceman. And of course, being TOP GUN, there had to be awesome jets.Top Gun is a masterpiece and I stand by those words.